I want to help promote conservation by helping to create future conservationists.  The Wildlife Leaders Academy changed my life and I want others to have that same experience.” – Sarah M., Academy alumni, on why she participated in the student driven fundraiser

When you donate, you support a year-long training and community experience for teens.  Our program:

  • increases the scientific literacy of our students through a high quality educational experience,
  • prepares students for college and the workforce through leadership training and
  • creates a supports system that allows our students to use their education and leadership skills to engage their communities about the conservation of our natural resources.

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  At the field school, the students are trained to teach others about wildlife and their conservation.  They practice and learn how to present a PowerPoint and create educational tri-folds like the one in this photo.  Through these… Read More

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An important part of being a conservation ambassador is continuing to learn and giving back.  The service category covers all of these areas. Youth are encouraged to… participate in activities with wildlife biologists –such as research assistance, shadowing,… Read More

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An important part of being a conservation ambassador is having the skills to engage with the media.  At the Academy, youth interact with professionals from the field and practice mock interview so they are prepared to share the… Read More

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Creative Arts

Being a change-maker goes beyond knowledge – it is making a connection.  At the Academy we teach the youth about nature photography, journaling and sketching.  We encourage the youth to continue their connection with the outside work through… Read More

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