More than Just a Summer Experience…

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When students apply to the Wildlife Leadership Academy, they make a year-long commitment to the program.  Beginning with the field school, we give them the knowledge and life skills to return to their communities, where they conduct a… Read More

Outreach Record Book Season!

It’s beginning to be that time of year again…the leaves are changing, the crisp fall air is getting chillier, and I hear a quiet rustle…and suddenly I spot it!  The first Outreach Record Book of the season in… Read More



  At the field school, the students are trained to teach others about wildlife and their conservation.  They practice and learn how to present a PowerPoint and create educational tri-folds like the one in this photo.  Through these… Read More



An important part of being a conservation ambassador is continuing to learn and giving back.  The service category covers all of these areas. Youth are encouraged to… participate in activities with wildlife biologists –such as research assistance, shadowing,… Read More



An important part of being a conservation ambassador is having the skills to engage with the media.  At the Academy, youth interact with professionals from the field and practice mock interview so they are prepared to share the… Read More