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Your Legacy

Read how the Wildlife Leadership Academy is establishing your legacy through the next generation of conservation leaders.

Establishing a Legacy

Campaign to raise 1 MILLION dollars.

With your support through this campaign, by the end of 2018 the
Wildlife Leadership Academy will have:

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To kick off our campaign, we invite you to join our #10forthenextgen challenge.
Goal: $100,000 by January 1, 2016

Give $10 today to support the next generation of conservation leaders and establish your conservation legacy.


The mission of the Wildlife Leadership Academy is to engage and empower high school age youth to become Conservation Ambassadors to ensure a sustained wildlife, fisheries and natural resources legacy for future generations.

A year round program, the Academy begins with rigorous summer field schools that focus on wildlife biology and conservation as well as leadership skills development and continues with community outreach through education, service, and interaction with media and the arts.

Once completing the program students become certified Conservation Ambassadors.

Student Voices

Lauren WeeksBecause of Wildlife Leadership Academy, I am more aware of conservation and how to magnify my efforts towards it. I was also exposed to a fantastic network of organizations dedicated to this purpose. Learning at this age in my life, rather than later, impacted me greatly in how I think about the environment and its inhabitants. – Lauren Weeks


Luke Benzinger2My whole life changed since attending the Wildlife Leadership Academy where I talked to so many knowledgeable adults who wanted to spend time with the other teenagers that were there with me. These adults opened my eyes to what I could do to teach everyone else in the world about the passion I have for the outdoors. – Luke Benzinger


Lindsay PetelinkarWildlife Leadership Academy changed my view on the world and how we interact with our environment. It also taught me how to become more of a leader and put myself out there for people to see. – Lindsay Petelinkar


Ben SmithBefore Wildlife Leadership Academy I had no idea how much of an impact conservation had on our world and the way we live our lives. It has influenced me to become more aware of how I live my life, and what I can do to spread the word so others can do the same. – Ben Smith