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“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.” ~Margaret Mead

Your support of the Academy helps the Pennsylvania Institute for Conservation Education and it’s partners to bring this life-changing program to the youth of Pennsylvania.




PIF Bucktails Brookies Drummers croppedPay It Forward is our annual campaign where we challenge the current year’s class of students to raise $500 each and pay it forward to the new class of incoming students.

Each field school “faces-off” to see who can raise the most money.

Our goal in end of the year campaign is to raise $30,000.  Please join us in making a difference! Your investment will help us grow and continue to offer a program that is safe, empowers teen to become conservation leaders, creates responsible adults and builds a community that works together for the conservation of our natural resources. 



Some reasons WHY our students are raising funds: 

I want other students to be able to learn about and be inspired to work in the outdoors/conservation. – Mercy H.

I want to help promote conservation by helping to create future conservationists. The Wildlife Leadership Academy changed my life and I want others to have that same experience.  -Sarah M.

The field school really inspired me to be an ambassador for conservation.  It has also made me develop a passion for wildlife biology, and hopefully by paying it forward I can help inspire youth interested in the field of conservation. – Alec B.

I know how much I loved the camp and what it is about.  I had an awesome time and learned a lot. I think there are many more kids across PA that deserve to attend and would like the experience.  I think it is important to teach future generations about conservation.  I was so glad to attend last year and I think a donation of $100 would benefit the camp and am glad to help. -Caleb E.



DONATE ONLINE – click on the price to make a difference, securely, today

DONATE BY MAIL – to give by check download our Pay It Forward donation form.

GIVE IN-KIND - we can use donations for the field school.  Contact the director to get a copy of our wish list.

VOLUNTEER - we need people to help connect the students with outreach opportunities across the state and at the summer field schools.  Contact the director to learn more.

Other options…

SCHOLARSHIP FUND – You, your organization or business can help to make a difference for a youth tuition by donating to our scholarship fund.  Just $250 dollars can support a 50% scholarship for a youth in need of tuition support!  This fund also helps support college scholarships for youth who excel in their outreach accomplishments.  You can designate your specific gift to the scholarship fund on our scholarship donation form.  Become a part of the excellent organizations who support our fund today!

SPONSORSHIP OPPORTUNITIES –  If you are a business looking to give to a program that nurtures our next generation of outdoor’s men and women – the Academy is the perfect program for you!  Learn more. 


 Why Give?

When you give, you support an opportunity today for our future conservation leaders.  Your donation helps the Institute and it’s program partners sustain and continue to offer this unique opportunity for Pennsylvania youth.

The Wildlife Leadership Academy…

  • CREATES CONSERVATION LEADERS - Team work and facing challenges together combined with intensive learning, sets up our youth to succeed in the real world, helping them reach their goal of becoming an ambassador for wildlife conservation….They will walk away with skills to set up education engagements at their local clubs, volunteer for their local conservation organizations, write articles for their local newspaper and take stock of their local landscape through photography and journaling, and more!
  • ENGAGES SCHOOL TEACHERS – Top notch Pennsylvania school teachers mentor our youth,  bringing out the best in every student and learning tools to take back to their classroom.
  • TEACHES HANDS-ON - With over 35 different knowledge building sessions, students engage in (just to name a few!): wildlife or fish dissections, plant identification and collection, habitat assessment in the field, understanding the role of sportsmen, practicing media interviews on the spot, and presenting what they have learned to judges. We keep our students on their toes!  Brookies and Bucktails will both be offered in 2015!
  • USES EXPERT INSTRUCTORS –  25 expert instructors from entomologists to ecologists and foresters to outdoor writers come to share their knowledge with our students.


Who are our students?
A great opportunity to learn more about what wildlife biologists do.

Our student Brett shadows a biologist during bird banding.

Passionate ones.  Caring ones.  Youth who want to make a difference.  Don’t just take our word for it – here are a few quotes from their application essays…

One person alone can make a footprint, but it takes many to make a stampede.

I do not want to be the person whose life goes quietly by, not touching anyone or making a difference. 

I believe everyone can do something, but they just have to be aware of the problems and educated on how to fix them.

Anyone with the will can do great things.




When you give to the Wildlife Leadership Academy, you invest in the next generation of conservation leaders. Our students are passionate, caring and want to make a difference!

Make your investment in Pennsylvania's youth today!


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phone: 570.245.8518

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